Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Velocity Girl - Copacetic

This album wants to be your friend. The dual female/male harmonics cozy up to your ears and the shoegaze-y early-90s indie pop-rock whispers your name, soothes your soul, and offers just the right amount of attitude to keep you interested. When it came out the critics called it "bubblegrunge", which, not gonna lie, gives me a raging boner.

This came out on Sub Pop is '93, and I guess releasing an album in the shadow of the flannel rock scene, at least one like this, was poor strategy. But it WAS excellent form and superb execution. I suggest the download link for temporary listening pleasure, and the Amazon link if you can afford $1.48 for a used copy (or the .99 per song mp3 dealio, but physical copies of old albums is the way to go imo).




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