Saturday, 3 January 2009

We All Have Hooks For Hands - The Pretender

With an interesting name, you have to look into them. Well, that's my rule at least but this nine member band from Sioux Falls definitely caught my attention even after actually listening to them. They play a folky pop sound including keyboards, violins and trumpets to the average lineup. I'm glad my rule didn't lead me to find another band that sounds awesome but really is some post-rock nonsense like The Samuel Jackson Five. I think you'll like this.


alix the elf said...

Amazing :]

Got linked to you by't hate on them just because the have The Maine...they have decent stuff too :]

trollmaster said...

Hey, I wasn't bashing them, I was just saying that The Maine is far from indie :P

I've been digging these guys for a while, we've got some really good stuff coming up, I'm just a bit busy with a new school semester.

ILIM said...

Oh god. They're beautiful.
I love this blog.