Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Superfantastics - Pop-Up Book

Busy, busy, busy. Spent the weekend I was supposed to shape up the blog with in Annville, PA at Trunks & Tale's house which turned into an amazing show and a weekend involving a slumber party with the band Let Me Run. Nice guys that recently played with the Gaslight Anthem and Bouncing Souls so check them out and see them on a tour near you.

Pressing on...(Braaah!) got this band from a friend of mine who listens to good music. I gave it a listen and it's really good. I trust that it's superfantastic but I'll let help me with a description since they are a relatively new band to me.

One late summer eve, following a game of tips (sort of like frisbee), Steph mentioned that she would like to learn how to play the drums and that the best way for her to learn would be if someone played guitar so she would have something to drum along to. Matt agreed to help her out. thus began The Superfantastics.


alix the elf said...

It's not letting me go to the this happening to anyone else?

trollmaster said...

It seems mediafire is down.

Not sure why, but hopefully it's back up tomorrow.

alix the elf said...

Really? Because it just started working for me...odd.

trollmaster said...

Back up.

alix the elf said...

Cool...also, Page France is down again. I left a comment, but I don't know if you got it.

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