Thursday, 15 January 2009

Hi-Standard - Making the Road

When I think of Japan, a few things come to mind right away: cheesy anime shows, tentacle pornography, and vending machines dispensing used panties. There are also some negative things.

Out of the land of the rising sun comes Hi-Standard, an excellent hardcore punk rock outfit. Don’t worry, they sing in English, though you might have to look up the lyrics if you have any interest in actually learning what they’re saying. I would describe them as NOFX with a Japanese accent.

Key tracks: Teenagers are All Assholes, Please Please Please, Green Acres (A punk cover of a TV show theme) and the hidden bonus track called “Sexy Girlfriend” which is a heartbreaking little acoustic number about a young man and a pair of his ex girlfriend’s panties.

I’m not sure if the picture above is actually of Hi-Standard. There were only two English words on the page I got it from, and they were "Hi" and "Standard". I’m making an assumption here. Let me know if I’m wrong.


trollmaster said...

So why did you make tentacles, used panties and stuff as the good stuff?

I also like how you tagged this as "Used Panties"... thanks, now we're gonna get a bunch of creepy pervs.

Japanese Punk is actually really intense.

hoorayforme said...

Haha anything to bring more traffic to the site. Creepy pervs like music blogs just as much as the next guy.

trollmaster said...

Well, I just confirmed that we are the top google search for "Used Panties Mediafire"

and on the second page for "Used Panties Blogspot"

I await the keyword statistics that show up tomorrow. hahah said...

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