Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Every punk band ever- Short Music for Short People

Circle Jerks. Blink 182. Black Flag. Tilt. 101 thirty second songs by 101 punk bands from all across the spectrum.

Listening to this album in its entirety is an experience difficult to describe. The album only lasts about fifty and a half minutes, but in that time you’re listening to exactly 101 different songs. This album will kick your brain in the balls, and, just maybe, in the heart too. In the days of yore when CDs were first manufactured, nobody imagined the day 101 songs would be packed together like this- and for that reason, the last three songs had to be combined on one track (track 99). But you can rest assured, my friend, that you’re getting the full 101.

Like your punk music, but can't decide which band to listen to? Put this puppy on and listen to every one. Don't like punk music, but you're thinking of getting into it in a small way? Listen to a few of these bite-sized songs to decide whether punk music is right for you. Got some punk chick you want to impress? Get this bad boy on your iPod and scroll through your artist list. She’ll be all over you like cheese on pie.

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