Saturday, 29 March 2008

Utica - Algal Bloom

Utica is a band I found out from my brother the summer before my freshman year in high school. All I know is that they are pretty awesome and that they have a myspace that they don't use anymore. They are pretty local to me, so nobody you know is really going to have heard of them.

Oh and Siriustar, we only missed 1 day so this should cover up our tracks. I'm a bit sick so sorry for that.


Jose said...

Hey man, that's my band! I'm the bassist with the Audioslave shirt on. It's awesome that people have somewhat been recently listening to Utica!

Jesse said...

Hey! My brother told me about you guys years ago and I haven't found any info on you since. Are you still active? Is there a place where I can find more music/info on you?

Anonymous said...

Ha no man, the band is no longer active but the lead singer/songwriter/guitarist has his own act going on. It's called Jim from the Moon, you should check him out.