Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Commander Venus - Do You Feel At Home?

14 Years old Conner Oberst on Vocals with Todd Fink and Matt Bowen of The Faint, and Tim Kasher of Cursive and The Good Life, Ben Armstrong of Head of Femur and Robb Nansel, executive producer of the indie label saddle creek. Before they where famous super group. Brash, Loud juvenile alt-rock that encompasses Oberst's unique style of music. One of my favourite albums of all time.



Siriustar said...
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Siriustar said...

d00d, make the URL a hyperlink so as to facilitate an awesome navigation experience :D

trollmaster said...

I've been going back on some links and doing that.

This album is really good, I think I'm going to get some bright eyes because I hear they are good.

PS: I hear you have a thing for 14 year old boys.

Emperor Norton said...

oops, sorry about that. I went through and did a load a while ago.

regan catherine said...

oh, man.. i have been looking for a copy of "do you feel at home" for the past year, and have had NO luck. i clicked on the link on your post to download it, but none of them seem to be active/valid. is there any way you could help me out? i would do anything for this cd; you have no idea. saddle creek doesn't even have it in their archives anymore. if you get a chance, could you email me at i appreciate ANY help you can offer!


Jesse said...

The megaupload file seems to still be up. I sent it to your email.