Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Savage Garden - Truly Madly Completely - The Best of

Savage Garden were like a shining beacon of light to me during the 90's when bands like the Spice Girls and Hanson where popular >:( These guys, much like Silverchair, were decent musicians that made solid music that appealed to a large audience. Catchy, upbeat and although a little sappy, they were a band I enjoyed that didn't require gimmicks, swearing or angst to make themselves popular. This is their greatest hits, combining most of their released tracks from their two albums and a few B-sides at the end. Because this album has 17 tracks and is over 100MB in total, I've separated it into two zip files:

Sorry about Rapidshits, but Megaupload is being a pain in the arse at the moment.





trollmaster said...

Neither links are currently working. I think rapidshare is having some difficulties but I'm not sure.

Working this album out ATM.

Siriustar said...
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Siriustar said...

you broked it :(

trollmaster said...

Now the first part works but requires a second part to unrar it.

The second part's link is broken.

Just get another album, Savage Garden isn't even that good anyways IMO.

Brown Eyes said...

Jim! I bet you wanna know who I am.. haha you have to guess.

And NO cheating by looking at my real name & e-mail.

Brown Eyes said...

Megaupload spanks Rapidshare.


Siriustar said...

Hi, Luiza! This is a fuckin' odd way to communicate :/