Thursday, 9 June 2011

Shat Shorts - Seersucker and Sundresses

Hailing from Washington DC, Shat Shorts make hardcore with a experimental and electronic edge. Including members of the incredible Monument, with an impressive list of ex-bands such as Dawn Treader, Mob Attack, Hobis and loads more! Taking their cues from bands like Pissed Jeans (the clue's in the name), it's chaotic to the Nth degree with just enough discipline to stop them from climbing through your speakers and clubbing you to death with their instruments. I have no idea what the lyrics are, but they are sure are shouted with passion and an implied honesty. I like that. This six track release contains five slices of nutty hardcore with a side of dubstep remix. Not one for the dirty noise of dubstep, I didn't like that so much. But it sounds in line with all the other dubstep that I have heard so chances are that Shat Shorts are getting it right.


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