Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Caution Children - Voynich Manuscript

I went through my email and found this gem in my inbox. I seem to have had it for around two months now, but it slipped under the radar(along with a lot of other stuff). It also seems that I got a rejection letter for Bonnaroo press passes. Anyways, I saw these dudes at Dex's house along with The World is A Beautiful Place and other rad bands. They came all the way from Florida and had toured Japan before that. They had this confidential folder that they handed me after I bought some buttons. Inside was a CD and some documents which turned out was the most awesome compilation ever. I'll probably post that sometime soon, but this song is going to be on their album UNKNOWN LANDS to be released June 29th. It's kinda screamo-y but is more atmospheric and dense.


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Abbie Road said...

pretty svveet and thanx for this post...

oo p.s. sorry about the press pass rejection email. Always remember there is always next year and hopefully the year after that :D....