Friday, 10 June 2011

Heather Maloney: A North East Gem

On the brightly lit stage of The Living Room (154 Ludlow Street NYC) surrounded by a broad range of instruments Heather Maloney begins to sing the melodiously playful and light-hearted song “Time and Pocket Change.” The lyrics bring about the nostalgia of childhood and memories of the simple things that made us happy that we perhaps forgot like making the most magnificent sandcastles and not worrying about their existence beyond completion. But it’s not only the fun lyrics or her guitar playing that captivates the audience, it’s also her unbelievably beautiful, smooth voice that plays with range in “Time and Pocket Change” yet is raw, passionate and soulful in “No Shortcuts.” Maloney’s voice is much like that of singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell. Her recently released sophomore album titled “Time and Pocket Change” is a great collection of indie-rock songs. Take some time to listen to Heather Maloney’s fantastic new cd “Time and Pocket Change” at If you want to hear what musicianship is all about, I strongly suggest checking her out.


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wow its wonderful and i must appreciate your sharing because this song has inspired me so much and my friends too .

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hou said...

Time and Pocket Change” yet is raw, passionate and soulful in “No Shortcuts.
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