Friday, 17 June 2011

Andrew Bird Celebrates Brooklyn

It's seven pm in Prospect Park, Brooklyn and there's at least a mile-long line winding its way around a fenced off concert area. People are scattered everywhere on multicolored blankets having picnics while waiting for the show to start. Who's drawing all this attention? Why are people waiting in an absurd line to maybe squeeze into the fenced off area with the stage & booze stands? Andrew Bird is kicking off the start of the Celebrate Brooklyn free concert series in the park. If you're already a fan of this ridiculously talented Chicago-born and bred artist then there's no need for explanation as to why the line is so disgustingly long. 
   Bird, classically trained in the suzuki method, is a fabulous multi-instrumentalist and lyricist who adds quirky twists of glockenspiel, guitar and whistling to create unforgettably beautiful songs.
   It isn't until half past eight that Bird comes on stage and silence sweeps over the audience as attention is focused on the thin man with the violin center stage. He begins to play a few notes of "Why" and the bar was set high for the rest of the night. Every song Bird played either by himself or with his band "Bowl of Fire" was absolutely spell-bindingly brilliant. The song line-up for the night began with "Why" and was followed throughout the two hours with "Imitosis," "Plasticities," "Darkmatter," "Scythian Empires," "Tables and Chairs," "Effigy," "A Nervous Tic Motion of The Head To The Left" with many other tracks spanning all ten of his albums. Even though it was absolutely incredible experiencing him play live all the songs I've loved, it was a treat when he revealed he was going to perform a NEW SONG from his unreleased new album! The song is called "Give It Away" and it has a pop-ish, fun and light-hearted feel to it. Like most of Bird's songs, the lyrics hold real weight and end up giving the listener questions to ponder. Some may not like that quality of his music then some love it. If you are of the former group, then Andrew Bird may not be for you.
   Overall, this concert kickoff for the Celebrate Brooklyn series couldn't have gone any better. Andrew Bird put on a beautifully orchestrated, colorful and vivacious show. To check his new song "Give It Away" click on the link below. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Have ya’ll heard of the artist Pete RG?! If not you’re definitely missing out on a great folk/Americana singer! His music reminds me of a mix between Andrew Bird and David Gray. You can get a FREE download of his song “Rainy Girl” here Let me know what you think!