Thursday, 21 August 2008

Gogol Bordello- "Gypsy Punks- Underdog World Strike"

Why is Gogol Bordello so amazing? Can we point towards the band's ethnic diversity- its members hailing from at least nine different countries? Is it because they invented a new genre of music- Gypsy Punk? Or is it because one of the band T-Shirts depicts a girl sitting on a swing while receiving oral pleasure from a deer?

Whatever it is, Gogol Bordello is a shoe-in for your new favourite band. Imagine, if you can, the bastard love child of The Clash and The Sex Pistols, abandoned at birth and raised by Borat. Expect extremely high-energy punk music spoken both in English and in lead singer Eugene Hutz’s native Ukrainian. It’s difficult to pick out the best songs on this album, but Not a Crime, 60 Revolutions, and especially Start Wearing Purple are definitely key tracks.

FUN FACT: A female member of the band is allegedly dating Elijah Wood.

Here’s the T-Shirt if you’re interested:

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trollmaster said...

Holy fuck, post more now. I have been avoiding Gogol Bordello for ages, but now I feel like an idiot.

This is amazing.