Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Low - Things We Lost in the Fire

Very few albums can even touch this one. Low has always been known for their slow, sad songs, and Things We Lost is perhaps their most accessible one, and definitely the best one to start off with. The lead singer and female backup vocalist are just haunting with their voices. A few songs on here are so beautifully crafted they send shivers down my spine. Another thing to note is the slow, steady pace of the music. I believe the technical term for Low's genre is 'sadcore' or 'slowcore', but I just call it 'amazing'. This is an album that is truly an essential for any music lover. A++.


trollmaster said...

You forgot the title, I fixed it though.

I'm starting to like mediafire a lot, good album.

Jarvillian said...

Why .m4a whyyyyyy