Friday, 22 August 2008

Tilt- Viewers Like You

When I was in grade eight I bought Viewers Like You at a tiny record store in my town basically because I though the cover was cool. For a long time after that, they were my favourite band.

I had stumbled like a blind fool upon one of the most awesome names in Punk music. I’ll admit that what really makes them great is their amazing lead singer, a hot punk rock girl named Cinder Block (this may not be her ACTUAL name). Tilt’s style varies from song to song, but their lyrics are always excellent and their songs are very melodic, especially for a punk band. Songs like War Room and Viewers Like You sound almost like Bad Religion with a dose of estrogen. Other key tracks are Die of Shame (about DIY abortion), Animated Corpse, and Mama's Little Man.

Before you get too excited about Tilt, I should tell you: they broke up in 2001. Lame.

Cinder Block sells artwork in California now.


hoorayforme said...

Got the hyperlinks working this time.

Anonymous said...

fucking awesome album... thanks..

hoorayforme said...

No prob, brah