Monday, 11 August 2008

Shpongle - Nothing Lasts... But Nothing is Lost

This is by far the most beautiful mind-bending work of Shpongle. Shpongle is a Psybient music project with two members: electronic musician Simon Posford, and 67-year-old flutist and psychedelic trance revolutionary Raja Ram (creator of 1200 Micrograms). This album offers hypnotic melodies, powerful indigenous chants, and beats you could dance to. I used to listen to this while I napped in the library before class, just to liven me up. In advance I'll tell you this is a continuous album, and in my own opinion the most fun occurs on tracks 2 through 5.


Steelxibanez said...

I see someone changed the link, but its still only the first half of the album. I'll work on a one-part megaupload link.

trollmaster said...


Steelxibanez said...

Figured I'd update y'all:
Good download link is up and running.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered this band really recently and I now have all their albums! These guys are amazing! If you like hallucinogens and mind expansion you should check out Terrence McKenna! Timothy Leary called him one of the six most important people in the world. He is sampled on the shpongle song "A New Way To Say Hooray" among others

Steelxibanez said...

Terrance McKenna! I was wondering whose voice kept appearing on Shpongle albums. Damn that guy's voice is obnoxious. Yet it adds very memorable parts to each song.

I'm glad you enjoy Shpongle as much as I do. I'm still trying to get into their newest album, Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland.