Friday, 22 January 2010

Teenage Cool Kids - Queer Salutations

Well, I'm sure you've heard of the famous Denton, Texas music scene (home to the always wonderful Fishboy), it just so happens to be a hotbed of indie magicalness as evidenced by Teenage Cool Kids. Recently this has been my music of choice for just chilling out and not doing anything because it doesn't beat down your eardrums it slowly taps at them with the beat of the ever so jammy drums. In the end who doesn't like laid back indie rock with a little fuzz in there for good measure? Oh yeah, and its supposedly supposed to sync up with an episode of "My So Called Life", I don't know what that means to you, but to me thats pretty snazzy.

Try It!
And here is where you can purchase it, my friend.


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Anonymous said...

I think I've listened to this 3 times already in one day.