Friday, 15 January 2010

Matt Sajn - Three EPs

It's been a while! Now that exams and holidays are over and done with, I'm finally able to post some music that I've been way too excited to share. Readers of this blog are lucky enough to have the opportunity to hear not one, not two, but three EPs produced by one of my favourite musicians in Ontario. Matt Sajn is constantly surprising me with everything he releases. Looking past his obviously brilliant, distinguished, and almost haunting vocals, the high quality of his writing is undeniable and deserves to be recognized. If folk-based, singer/songwriter stuff isn't up your alley, I recommend Northern Primitive (Sajn's full-band music project) just the same.

Matt Sajn:
Cordially Yours [2007]
Warehouse Sessions [2008]
Old Routines [2009]

Nothern Primitive:


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