Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Smith Westerns - Smith Westerns

Sorry for not posting in such a long time, first my computer was dying, and then mediafire was telling me crazy things... oh well, everything is fine now. So here is an album that is pretty different than most of the stuff I've posted so far, and you might have heard of this band before. The Smith Westerns are super low fi, poptacular , garage rock. It's really awesome when all the... "lofi-ness" actually adds to the song instead of feeling like a cheap gimmick, and they totally pull it off in songs like "Gimme Some Time" which sounds like a simple pop song played in a bathroom and recorded on a four track. And its perfect. Oh, and they are on the same record label as Nobunny, nothing else needs to be said.

To go with the flow of things:
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Chris said...

This album is great. It's like if Marc Bolan and T Rex regressed into teenagers and dirtied up the sound.