Monday, 30 March 2009

Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker

Ryan Adams has been creating music since the age of 16 since he dropped out of school to work in a shoe shop and play music full time. He has a lot of albums, but this is my favorite probably because it has "To Be Young" which is an amazing song. He kind of reminds me of Ezra Furman & The Harpoons.

Belle and Sebastian - Dear Catastrophe Waitress

Not a first to the blog, Belle & Sebastian is a band from Glasgow. Led by guitarist/vocalist Stuart Murdoch, the seven-piece band has an intimate, majestic sound that is equal parts folk-rock and ‘60s pop. Murdoch has a gift for not only whimsy and surrealism, but also for odd, unsettling lyrical detail which keeps the songs grounded in a tangible reality.


Sunset Rubdown - Shut Up I Am Dreaming

Sunset Rubdown is an indie rock band based in Montreal, Canada.

It began as a solo project of Spencer Krug, of Wolf Parade fame in 2005. He released the debut album Snake’s Got A Leg in July 2005.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Boy Least Likely To - The Law Of The Playground

I've been moderately holding albums that are just released, but I don't think I can wait much longer to post this. If you like indie-pop, this is wonderful duo that you must listen to from the United Kingdom. This is their newest release which came out March 17th which is actually better than their first which in my opinion had a more lo-fi feeling.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Ezra Furman and the Harpoons - Inside the Human Body

Do you like folk? I don't. Do you like Bob Dylan's singing? As if. For some reason though, Ezra Furman and his Harpoons have taken the two and created something that I love. Produced by Brian Deck (you know, Modest mouse? Iron & Wine? Same guy!) so you know these guys have not only talent, but great potential. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sweet sounds of Ezra as he blows you away with his guitar and harmonica. (HA GET IT?)

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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

OST - House of The Dead: Overkill

Despite being hated by my peers for my taste of music I'm not one to shy away from music that's controversial in it's nature. Well, last month House of The Dead: Overkill was released, and amongst it's brutality and world record for swearing, there's it's soundtrack. It comprises mostly of funky upbeat material and embodies the grind house feel that the game presents. The soundtrack has both the vocal and non vocal tracks, so while there is a level of redundancy, after hearing something as filthy as "she had that look of being dug up, and that's the type I like" some people might find the non vocal tracks are the way to go. However, if you're a fan of this kind of black humour, then this is for you.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Interpol - Our Love To Admire

This is a request post.

Interpol’s sound is characterized by a dark mix of bass throb and choppy, sparse guitar. They have been compared to Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen, and The Chameleons for their similarly stark, sombre sound and obtuse, abstract lyrics.


OST - Harold and Maude Soundtrack

Harold and Maude is a dark comedy from the 70s that initially failed but since has become a cult classic. It is about a teenager who falls in love with an 80 year old woman and relates themes of mortality and such. The entire soundtrack is by Cat Stevens and holds two tracks made specifically for the movie "Don't Be Shy" and "If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out". This movie made me a large fan of Cat Stevens just as The Graduate made me a fan of Simon and Garfunkel.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Regina Spektor - Begin To Hope

Not a new artist to the scene, but always a longtime favorite. I've always been a fan of Regina Spektor and entirely fell away from listening to her a while ago and sadly did not come back. Today I vow to listen to more Regina Spektor and in doing so I downloaded 3 more of her albums. This is probably her best album and it was the one that started me liking her. Regina likes to play enthusiastically on her piano and sing amazingly to pretty much facinate any eager music listener. She also likes to use unorthadox noises with her mouth and hit things with sticks making simple but interesting beats citing influences from a wide assortment of genres. If you haven't listened to this album, get it immedietly. If you have listened to Regina, get this album if you don't have it. If you have this album, you get a gold star for the day.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Dropkick Murphys- Live on St. Patrick's Day

Dropkick Murphys concerts don’t wind down, they stop. After listening to this album you’ll be ready to get drunk and belligerent. If you weren’t ready beforehand, that is.

If you don’t know who the Dropkick Murphys are, they’re a seven-piece group of Irish punk rockers from Boston notably featuring a piper. This album is a live show in Boston (!) on St. Patrick’s Day (!!!) so it’s as hardcore as anything you've ever heard.

Tracks to watch out for: The Rocky Road to Dublin, Curse of a Fallen Soul, the Spicy McHaggis Jig (A ballad about the band’s piper, Spicy McHaggis), Nutty (Boston Bruins' theme, the NHL team).

Happy St. Patrick’s day.

Monday, 16 March 2009

The Whispertown 2000 - Swim

This is another band that I fell in love with a while ago and just got back into. I remember getting these guys and listening non-stop to them and then I slowly faded into other music. I fully regret ever stopping from listening to this album. Whispertown 2000 combines indie and folk sound to create a relaxing yet upbeat kind of feeling. The female vocalist is beautiful and makes me feel very happy when I listen to it.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Right Away, Great Captain! - The Bitter End

I entirely passed by this band and labeled it as lo-fi nonsense a couple months ago and came back to it. I tend to do this a lot which is why I'm behinds on such music as this. I remember not giving Bon Iver a chance for quite some time. Lesson learned is to not be so stubborn towards music. This is the side project of Manchester Orchestra's Andy Hull and it's quite good.

On a further note, good news! Good news! I have started a new blog called "Pop Is Dead" focusing more on music reviews, band interviews, and musical culture. I will continue posting over here, but hopefully you'll check out my side-project also. I hope it becomes somewhat of a community project so feel free to email me about helping write articles. Other good news is that I am back posting on my laptop and my power chord arrived today in the mail. Everything is back on track for the most part and I hope to hear from you soon!

I am promoting the fact that I take requests to the best of my ability so if you are missing an album and I have it or can find it, I'd be delighted to help. Email me or use the comment bar.

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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Captain Chaos - May All Liars Burn In Hell

Continuing request for more Captain Chaos. This is all I have and that I feel like posting because there is a point in every man's life when he stops getting Captain Chaos CDs.

Fun Fact: It's 4 in the morning. I'm practically nocturnal. Also, the picture is of Ghost Mice so pretend that the other girl isn't part of the picture for good measure.

Captain Chaos - For The Devil

Request of Chris Clavin of Ghost Mice's solo work. He now releases albums under his real name.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Nana Grizol - Love It Love It

I can't beat this description:
ian rickert plays the clarinet and harmonica among other talents, and comes first in first name alphabetical order. kate kate plays the trumpet quite well and has a real cute smile… and is wonderful. lacey jon was a champion shaker shaker in her youth, and brings her skills, as well as impeccable style, to the table. laura carter is trumpeteer and clarinetista extraordinaire. her autobiography “look at my nipples,” will hit the shelves in early 2008. madeline adams takes the bass for the first time ever and throttles that shit with an elegance that can only be described as vivacious, margaret child plays the glockenspiel and the tambo and will teach you a lesson in passion, as well as art history. matte cathcart plays the drums like a 73 dollar pony, is super nice, and will allways bum you a smoke. patrick jennings got hot licks. robbie cucchiaro plays the baritone and also rocks quite influential style. theo hilton plays guitar and sings usually and is awkward at parties.

You should hear a lot of Defiance, Ohio influence, but well, that's because Theo Hilton is also a member of Defiance, Ohio. This is a side project that is a lot more upbeat and uses some more interesting instruments for a more indie-folk sound.