Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Captain Chaos - May All Liars Burn In Hell

Continuing request for more Captain Chaos. This is all I have and that I feel like posting because there is a point in every man's life when he stops getting Captain Chaos CDs.

Fun Fact: It's 4 in the morning. I'm practically nocturnal. Also, the picture is of Ghost Mice so pretend that the other girl isn't part of the picture for good measure.


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Kyle Norton said...

Thank God I found this.
I've been trying to locate MALBIH forever!
I would gladly burn you all the Captain Chaos I have (Which is every other album) and anything else from Plan-It-X in exchange for the hard copy of the CD.
It's the only one I don't have and I would REALLY like to have it i my collection.
If you could E-mail me or contact me on Facebook that would be great: guerilla_welfare@live.com (I'd pay money for it, too.)