Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Bed Stuy Meets Blue Eyes - Notorious B.I.G and Frank Sinatra

I would of never thought the combination of Biggie Smalls and Frank Sinatra would be a good one (I guess that is why I don't make music) . This album not only proves me wrong, it goes above and beyond. Bed Stuy Meets Blue Eyes is set apart from other similar albums because the author did not simply overlay Biggie's rhymes onto Frank Sinatra instrumentals. He created interesting, diverse songs that contain voice samples from both Frank and Biggie. Another plus is that all of the songs sound like they are of much higher quality than the orginal Notorious B.I.G and Frank Sinatra songs. This album is a must, even if you aren't into Biggie Smalls or Frank Sinatra, this is just good music.



trollmaster said...


This album is so awesome. I need to get into Notorious Big.

Anonymous said...

interesting album, thanks for the post.