Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Vivian Girls - Vivian Girls

Although only a band for a little more than a year, the Vivian Girls charms have already worked their magic on their short road to “out of nowhere” status. With their irresistable mix of 60’s girl-group sounds, punk, post-punk and shoegaze.


~trog` said...

This doesn't relate to the vivian girls at all, sorry.

I was just perusing the AJJ shoutbox on and someone said the new album leaked, so i headed over to to pick it up. it doesn't come out on CD until September or October, but they will have copies on tour, which is cool since i'm going to see them august 13th, I also want to get one of those sweet pillowcases and make a shirt out of it.

anyways, i agree with you about heartilation, it would of made a nice bonus song. but overall i think this is the best AJJ album so far, i've listened to it a solid 20 times since i got it.

trollmaster said...

I know, bro. It's solid.

I do also want a pillowcase, but to sleep on!

Awesome album, I too listened to it on repeat.

Anonymous said...

the pillowcase actually isn't that comfy lol unless you sleep in between sean and ben; which is just damn cute

trollmaster said...

I don't care if it's comfy! The thrill of cuddling with ben and sean would counter-act any comfort issues!