Friday, 9 May 2008

Ronald Jenkees - Derty

Hello youtubes! This master keyboardist and beat developer has created a fanbase like many other internet sensations around youtube. Along with being goofy and starting every video off with "Hello Youtubes!", his music is highly enjoyable and fun. Most of his youtube work is improv and he sometimes ends his videos by saying "I had a little bit too much fun there *Goofy laugh*". If anything, look at his youtube channel. If you don't even like his music, he's fun to watch with his speaking.


Emperor Norton said...

Internet Faggot music?


trollmaster said...

He's really good. That's pretty much the reason why everyone likes him because you wouldn't expect it out of somebody who is so oblivious to how awesome he is.

cmurdock said...

I have to hand it too him, he's really good.