Friday, 11 April 2008

Modeselektor - Happy Birthday!

Berlin-based electronica duo Modeselektor, real names Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary, cemented the impression they had made in 2005 with 'Hello Mom!' with this, 2007's 'Happy Birthday!'. Featuring guest vocals from Maxïmo Park and professed Modeselektor fan Thom Yorke, the pair's glitch mastery works and flows well, leaving the impression that one's time has not been wasted by listening. An energetic, not demanding, yet enjoyable listen.


Thinktanx said...

Please tell me you aren't uploading entire albums for people to download for free!! Come on... you've got to be more responsible than that. You've got good intentions, but that's not really supporting these artists. These people aren't millionaires, and every album sold for them makes a difference.


Siriustar said...


What you need to understand is that people don't usually buy what they don't know about or like. Free downloads (of full albums, not just single songs - single songs don't always do the full album justice) make it easy to preview the music, and often times ends up with the artist selling more albums than they would in relative obscurity.

Also, free downloading of indie artists facilitates the growth of a wider fanbase more so than simple reviews, because people are often impatient and would rather click a link than read an in-depth article that may be based on bias, thus tarnishing the validity of the review for a large audience.


Thinktanx said...

While I agree with you that 'free downloading facilitates the growth of a wider fanbase', the fault in your argument (and the crux of the matter) is that it is necessary to offer the entire album for free to get anyone interested. That is patently ridiculous!

For the last fourty years people have been hearing singles played on the radio, and based on that sole listening experience, going out and buying entire albums. In this day and age, we can substitute the music blog for the radio.

You do notice that 99% of all music blogs only offer previews of a few tracks. Why is that? It is done out of respect to the artist.

You are fooling yourself if you think that any more than a mere few are gonna download these albums for free and then turn around and buy them later. Most, like 9 out of 10, will not. It is not about good or bad intentions, it's just reality.

You could absolutely do Modeselektor justice by posting three or four of the best tracks off Happy Birthday. I'm sure they would rather that. If they wanted it to be free, I suppose they would give it away themselves!

trollmaster said...

Anybody who is going to illegally download music is going to download it regardless of the source. Why not heckle larger download link providers what upload hundreds of albums per day?

Either way, the music industry makes a reasonable profit off of supporters of music and arts because some people still buy it regardless of download links.

Buying an album is one's choice, we just offer an alternative.

Siriustar said...

It's kind of dick that you're so cynical. I know so many people who still buy the CDs, or at the very least the digital copies, after downloading beforehand (myself included).

Besides, didn't your parents ever teach you that a band's profits come from sales of their merch?

gary said...

rar pass?