Saturday, 5 April 2008

Anti-Flag -- The Bright Lights of America

This is Anti-Flag's latest album, you've probably heard of them. I found them when I was doing a project for English class on 1984 and came across a song by them, I have been listing to them since. Their latest album,"The Bright Lights of America" still holds their original punk influenced sound, but they have really toned down their lyrics, and have become really mainstream(they endorse PETA, have a myspace, and their label is RCA records). It lacks the enthusiasm and anger I've come to expect from the band while maintaining excellent quality which surprised me. If you're into mainstream music,or mainstream punk then you'll probably enjoy this album.

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Anonymous said...

Anti-Flag started in 1988 so i dont know wat you came across in 84' but it wasnt them

Anonymous said...

I believe he meant he was doing a project on the book 1984.