Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Important Announcement!

If you've been following any of our web 2.0 pages, you'll have noticed that we are in the process of converting from a music blog to a record label. After almost 5 years of running this blog, I've decided to take it somewhere further from the usual norm of posting music that I like.

So here's the deal. About a month ago, my friend Zach and I were talking and I brought up the fact that I wanted to start a record label. I realized that we are a great tag-team duo with skills and experience complimenting each other.

We are a no contract, no bullshit, completely DIY independent record label. We are incredibly accessible and love meeting others. If you have a question, demo, or inquiry then we'll definitely take a look.

Here's the meat of the news. We currently have two artists on our roster: Tawny Peaks and Trophywife, both with upcoming releases. You can check them out at our bandcamp below. So what's going to come of the blog after all of this? It's going to be somewhat regularly updated, hopefully somebody will be able to post frequently and take my place.
The RECORD LABEL url will be songsfromtheroad.com which for now re-directs to songsfromtheroad.blogspot.com. Our tumblr and twitter will be taken over and be used by the label only. We have a new fan page for the label which you should follow here.

I'm really excited how this is all turning out. There will be more updates soon, but for the most part, our new fan page will be the most of our updates until we can get a main page up.

Download our two artist's upcoming releases at our bandcamp for free for a limited time only!


Anonymous said...

Blogspot links dead. Label only on facebook?

C-Money said...

wow. very excited for you guys. i'm trying to do something similar.

i'm a fan of trophy wife, so i'm sure i'll be kept abreast of your progress as a label.

all the best.

www.tapicerias.nom.es said...

I read so much helpful data above!

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