Thursday, 17 February 2011

Fishboy - Classic Creeps

Fishboy, a band set out of the incredible up and coming music scene of Denton, TX, is now taking pre-orders for their new album Classic Creeps. It fails to disappoint in the sense that Fishboy continues their tradition of every album they release being twice as awesome as it's predecessor. The album follows the storybook rock opera format similar to Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State with the Power of Rock and Roll, but instead of focusing on the story, it focuses on the characters involved. "It's ten epic pop songs about ten characters who's lives are connected by a dense web of awesome." These "classic creeps" have a story told by a comic by Eric Michener(Eric Fishboy). The concept is that you can listen to the album while following along with the comic. In a sense, Classic Creeps is a musical comic book full of bubble letters, puffy clouds, and fun twee pop with a rock & roll indie approach. Perhaps it's better classified as a twee pop-erah. If Texas wasn't saved through roll & roll from Albatross, I think this one will help. steer things back on track.

The comic, FULL STREAM of the album, and pre-order information can be found here.

The pre-order packages are at the bottom and range from 12$ to get a vinyl and digital download to 50$ to get your face screen printed on the album cover as one of the "classic creeps" along with a middle package for 20$ that gets the vinyl, buttons, and a poster.

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