Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Nana Grizol - For Things That Haven't Come Yet [MP3]

Ok, here is the deal with this. I deleted the full album download and am replacing it with a promo single that I received from Deus Ex Machina Publicity. Check out the single titled "For Things That Haven't Come Yet" and tour dates! Thanks, everybody.

The backing band augments Theo Hilton's book-open vocals and beautiful fingerpicking with a suitably eclectic array of instrumentation. Laura Carter and Robbie Cucchiaro, both formerly of Athens' legendary and notoriously horn-buoyed Neutral Milk Hotel, head up a brass-and-winds section comprised of Laura's celebratory trumpet, Robbie's Baritone Euphonium, a couple clarinets, harmonica, recorder and whatever else you can pack into a touring-trunk and bring along for a blast. Rhythmic backbone comes courtesy of Southern punkrock siren Madeline Adams' bass, Matte Cathcart's drumming and some right-on Fender Rhodes piano provided by Hot New Mexicans' mainman Patrick Jennings.

Ruth Track List

1. Cynicism
2. Galaxies
3. Blackbox
4. Atoms
5. Gave On
6. Grady and Dubose
7. From Here
8. Alice and Gertrude
9. Arthur Hall
10. For Things that Haven’t Come Yet
11. Sands

Tour Dates:

10.23.09 Athens, GA @ Go Bar
11.04.09 Chapel Hill, NC @ NightLight
11.05.09 Saint Mary’s City, MD @ Saint Mary’s College
11.06.09 Washington, DC @ TBA
11.07.09 Purchase, NY @ SUNY Purchase
11.08.09 New York, NY @ Cakeshop
11.09.09 Hamden, CT @ The Space
11.10.09 Portland, ME @ Apohedion
11.11.09 Brattleboro, VT @ TBA
11.12.09 Toronto, ONTARIO @ The Dakota
11.14.09 Geneseo, NY @ barn show – TBA
11.16.09 Detroit, MI @ The Trumbullplex
11.17.09 Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle
11.18.09 Madison, WI @ house show – TBA
11.19.09 Minneapolis, MN @ Hexagon Bar
12.03.09 Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge




Connor said...

please take this off! theo has worked really hard on this! this album needs to be bought and listened to!

MatthewT said...

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B002U0MB46/sofa-20/ref=nosim is the amazon link for the album.

Connor, there's nothing wrong with giving the album a listen then paying for it later if you enjoy it.

trollmaster said...

Link removed. Trust me that the album is good and you should buy it. No sampling required!

Anonymous said...


Connor said...

thanks trollmaster!

and i'll hold back on my remarks about matthew t's comment.

Anonymous said...

thanks for removing the entire album and just putting up the free link!

- Deus Ex Machina Publicity

trollmaster said...

Welcome! Thanks for the promo track via email!

Anonymous said...

that's not very "punk" of you. it's not about how many records you sold, it's about getting the music out for EVERYONE to listen to.

trollmaster said...

Yeah, except I'm not selling records or making a profit. Plus, several friends of Theo's told me that they were not pleased.

I'm not one to disrespect the artist personally. Also, there's a point to punk that involves not getting your blog taken down due to legal threats.

It's about what the artist wants, not what I want.