Saturday, 27 September 2008

Mindless Self Indulgence - You'll Rebel To Anything

You'll Rebel To Anything was my first Mindless Self Indulgence album, and has remained in heavy rotation for me, along with almost any other MSI album. It's truly great stuff. Though classified as 'Shock Rock', I really don't find them very shocking (if you want shocking, check out Alien Vampires. With songs like 'I Fuck Nuns' and 'Fuck You We're Dead', they're a bit more in the shocking field. If you can understand what they say), but I still really like their sound. Very lighthearted in their lyrical content (under educated/over caffeinated/I just masturbated), one doesn't have to worry about them being to serious. The music itself is like a combination of hard rock with punk influences combined with dancey synthesizer sounds, creating one of the most fun listens I've ever had. Highlights include 'Straight To Video' and 'Stupid MF', but all the songs here are really really good.

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(under educated/over caffeinated/I just masturbated) whats that from? email me