Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Front Line Assembly - 3 Albums

Artificial Soldier

Artificial Soldier was the second Front Line Assembly albums I ever got, and has always remained in heavy rotation for me. It combines the dancey, hard style of industrial with FLA's famous attention to detail. Each song seems to have some sort brand new piece to it during every listen. Features Jean-Luc De Meyer from Front 242 doing the vocals on my favorite track, "Future Fail". Eskil Simonsson, from Covenant, is also a vocalist in the song "The Storm". An all-round great album.



If you've been keeping tabs on the various FLA I've uploaded, you will have one of dance industrial and one of more complex electronica. In this album, which made it's debut in the 90's, they experiment with industrial metal. Heavy guitar riffs combined with aggressive electronic sounds creates a very pleasing aural experience. Songs like 'Division Of Mind' and 'Vigilante' show just how hard this album can be. The guitars here are more intense than they are speedy, so don't expect some sort of Dragonforce metal here. Instead, look for a more Obituary type of sound, where the metal is slow but heavy. All in all, a very desirable album, and a must have for any FLA fan.


FLAvour Of The Weak

You know, this is probably my favorite FLA album ever. Firstly, you have the very punny album name. FLAvour of the Weak? Just look at it for a second. It's funny. Secondly, I know you here me use the words 'complex' and 'engaging' a lot, but for serious, this album is both of those things. The sounds gradually build up until they reach a kind of euphoric frenzy, multiple unique sounds layered in order to create a sound like no other. This is the turning point in FLA's career, where they went from more rockish and metallic sounds to an almost all-electronic sound. Very different from the Artificial Soldier album, this album isn't really aimed at the dance clubs. Enjoy. I know I do.


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genial, 10 puntos para el muchachón