Saturday, 26 July 2008

Japanther - Master Of Pigeons

Japanther is a punk band from New York City by 2 students from Pratt. Well, they aren't your average punk band when you add the noise rock aspect of their classification. They kind of remind me of Arab on Radar and have a pretty equal setup to Lightning Bolt, but otherwise they are incomparable. If you are into the whole noise rock scene like I am, you'll definitely want to check this album out.


Anonymous said...

Any idea what the password is?

trollmaster said...

I changed the album to one of their less memorable albums because I couldn't find a working link.

Sorry about the password, the new album doesn't have one, but it's a good album if you can find it elsewhere.

dz said...

Is this still the same password, I need one to open wolfenswan

BusyBeingBorn said...

password is