Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Drapht - Brothers Grimm

I'm probably going to get some raised eyebrows for uploading this. Truth be told, I enjoy a lot of Australian hip-hop, but most of the good stuff isn't easy to find in record stores, though I suppose that would go without saying for most good artists these days. This is the latest album from Perth MC Drapht, Brothers Grimm, a smooth flowing rap piece that provides a mixture of funny songs through his parodies of more well known rappers and his disturbing alcohol addiction, to personal reflections of his past. Although Jimmy Recard is the popular song at the moment, Boom Boom Boom is my favorite song on the record. I don't know if it will appeal to everyone, but download it and give it a listen.



Anonymous said...

Nice one. Can't wait for his new CD later in the year.
(Nearly 2 years later and the links are still up. Shit, that's gotta be a first)
Thanks heaps.

Quicksilver said...

If you need your Drapht fix in the meantime, I've also uploaded Dialectrix - Cycles of Survival one of the tracks has him on it, and he did a whole song for M-Phazes Good Gracious album.