Thursday, 19 January 2012

Signals Midwest - Latitudes & Longitudes

Cleveland, OH's Signals Midwest are a band very much influenced by their location, and Latitudes & Longitudes takes more than a few cues from '90s Midwestern emo. There's the power of Braid, the twinkly guitar lines of American Football and the quirkyness of Cap'n Jazz all on display here, but it is all bound together by a sense of carefully measured songwriting which really sets it apart from bands who just rehash this classic sound. Basically, this is what happens when gruff punk collides with 90's emo, and it's brilliant, with songs like ‘Monarchs’, ‘I Was Lost’ and ‘The Quiet Persuader’ being particular standouts for me. Latitudes & Longitudes basically strikes the perfect balance; it’s accessible without being overly poppy, emotional without being over the top, and technical without being bafflingly so. So yeah, give it a spin, if you’re into any of the bands mentioned then you’ll find something to love here.


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