Thursday, 23 April 2009

Polaris - Music From The Adventures From Pete and Pete

Don't push this album under the table, it is a keeper. Not only is Pete and Pete the greatest show that ever aired on television, it was the only old Nickelodeon show to make it on DVD besides The Secret World of Alex Mack. Polaris did the entire soundtrack and is referenced throughout the show. They also did the theme song which is super-catchy. Favorite tracks "Hey Sandy" and "Summerbaby".


Mike V said...

Holy shit! I was just about to post this on my own blog. I hope you don't think I'm straight copying now, haha. This album was one of my favorites back in like 9th or 10th grade. Fantastic show too. Nice pick.

trollmaster said...

hahaha what a coincidence! My roomate has the DVD so we've been watching it a lot lately.

I drew petunia on my arm!

Belle Castillo said...
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Mike Pop said...

i picked up this record a few years ago. i am a huge mark mulcahy fan. his previous band, miracle legion, is one of the best bands of the 80's. give them a listen.

Anonymous said...

If you love Pete And Pete and Polaris - don't miss this awesome cover of hey sandy By Tera Melos
and their even more amazing video of it - perfect frame by frame creation of the original

trollmaster said...

Anonymous, that's an awesome cover/video! I love it!

Mike Pop! I'm gonna need to ask you to let me borrow that CD, I can't find it on the internets!