Sunday, 8 January 2012

Spanish Club/Constellations - Split

Alright, so we're back and better than ever. To start, I'd like to share with you a band that never ceases to ask me my opinion on how they sound(Specifically Dominic). I initially told him that they shouldn't try to sound like they recorded through 1/8-1/4 inch adapters shoved into laptop headphone jacks so he came back and thanked me with this release. It's a refreshing Pennsylvania sounding album. I'm not talking about Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, but real heart of America, Pennsylvania. Their folk-punk roots show through into the typical twinkle-emo stuff that I hear way too much. It's also recorded by Joe from Algernon so that's pretty cool. The only downside to the album is that there are only 2 songs. It's for free download, but it will be released on CD off Littleneck Records for 3 bucks so I suggest liking them and keeping up with it if you're interested.

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Anonymous said...

i like their sound but their lyrics just seem half redundant