Sunday, 17 July 2016


ROBOT is a band with absolutely no information given about them besides what I have inquired about which is that this album was entirely recorded by a 4 track recorder and originates from Italy. The band also may or may not be one member that is entirely bored in his room and creates catchy emotional garage dream riffs. Imagine Guitar Wolf or King Khan toned down a million notches, made into a fuzzy buzz jingle, and originating from Italy. I do admit that the first three songs "Come posso migliorare così?", "Ritorno a casa mia", and "Maestro nel disastro" were the kickers for me, but the entire album does not slow down or let go one bit throughout.

This band sent me the shortest press release ever, but it has forced me out of retirement because it really caught my attention. I think the mystery of this band is what excited me the most. Their lack of online presence other than Youtube, Soundcloud and an unused Facebook is intriguing.

Listen for yourself below: